Parts List

I am going to try to keep a running list of every last part I have purchased here, and where I got it if somewhere besides the local Napa or AutoZone. It might be useful to someone.

  • dimmer switch, oil pressure switch -- Local Napa Store
  • Misc parts (wipers, etc..) -- AutoZone
  • ignition switch
  • volt reg. & carb kit
  • vac lines
  • new carb, gasket, fuel filter
  • plug wires
  • cragar ss 8/61 wheels -- Wholesale Tire, Batesville, AR - 870.793.9183
  • oil cap
  • plugs, fittings for vac advance
  • pcv valve
  • k&n filter
  • ignition parts (cap, rotor, condenser, etc..) & altenator
  • spare tire
  • Pertronix Ignitor - Carshop,Inc
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