New Engine and Transmission

Well, after doing some debating, talking, digging, and discussing, I've decided to scrap the Straight-6. It is original - but that's all. It adds nothing whatsoever to the value of the car, nor does it make much horsepower. So, I have sourced a 390 in great condition from a same-year Tbird. It had a Cruise-O-Matic (MX) transmission on it, but I scratched it in favor of a C6 (which from what I can tell was recently rebuilt. Going to have it went through just for good measure). I have some plans for it - just waiting on the machine shop and my mechanic to get some numbers together.

Talked to the machine shop....

talked to my local machine shop today. about 1700 to pull, rebuild, and reinstall my engine. still have to make a couple decisions on what exactly to put in it (cams, etc...). more to follow....

Engine Woes

I think that the engine is going to have to be rebuilt sooner than later. It appears that the engine is losing compression and has developed an appetite for oil...not good. BUT could be worse right?

Back online...sorta

well i've got most of the old site back up and running. the photos and some docs i had are not back yet. they will be, albeit in a slightly different form....expect things to be weird for a few days. and links to bound around as i figure this thing out.....more to follow....

Updates Galore!

Originally Posted 25 Jan 2009
Well, it's been a year since I have last updated this thing. Where do i start....1st -- I had to put a lot of restoration work, etc on hold because selling my house became a much higher priority. It's a long story, but the house is gone and I am MUCH happier. I've had a bunch of folks write me and ask about the car, etc...Thanks for all the email! I've been to europe twice since last I updated you - spent 2 weeks in France and 10 days in Bulgaria. Didn't see a single classic Ford either. lol.

New Exhaust and Ignition Upgrades

Originally Posted 24 Nov 2007
Its been a bit since I have updated this thing, but we have not been idle. My Borla ProXS muffler and the Pertronix Ignitor came in on Oct 29, and on Oct 30 we put the Ignitor in the car. Really simple installation. You pull the points and condenser, put in the ignitor, put the sleeve on the distributor, and bam. Done. Had to adjust the timing a little after that, but it fired started up on the very first crank. SO much better than points. I had my local garage (Ray's Garage in Batesville) put the exhaust on the car. The old donut gasket was about gone and there was some seriously rotten spots in the old pipe, not to mention that there was no muffler either. Loud, but BAD drone. The Borla fixed that. Now it sounds nice and clean but has a bit of throat to it. Sounds pretty good for a stock 6cyl engine. Drove it over to Amagon and let me aunt see it. She noticed the wheels first thing and thought that it sounded like it ran better than she remembered. She was glad to see it again, and was glad that it was running. Made someone's day anyway. Up next, the front end....

Starter Swan Song

Originally Published 24 Oct 2007
This weekend, which was the last of the warm weather I'm afraid, the starter finally up and quit. It has been on there from the looks of things for years. We pulled it off the car and opened it up to see what was wrong with it, and the brushes on had wore down to the point that they were through the brush holders! After doing a little searching, I found one at the local parts store and voila! Now the beast starts like she's supposed to. I also did some adjustments to the timing and fuel mixture (it was running too rich) and she is purring better now that before I put the new carb on. Life is good.....

Heater Hoses and the tragedy of Double G

Originally Published 20 Oct 2007
Today, two things happened. First, I stopped by my local parts store, Double G Auto Parts here in Newark and found out that they are closing their doors for good. The business has changed hands a couple of times in the past several years, but the fact that they have as many parts as most chain stores (well, they were a Bumper-to-Bumper affiliate) and every hard-to-find part in the world hadn't. Everything in there was slashed down to VERY cheap because a local hospital (Harris) is opening a clinic in the building. So, I stocked up. Scored some Monroe SensaTrac shocks for the front for $20 each along with a few other odds & ends. I am really going to miss that store. Every small town needs a place like that, and now ours is soon to be without.


Originally Published 5 Oct 2007
Gave the old bird a tune-up over the last couple of days. Replaced what is probably the original coil along with the distributor cap, points, condensor, rotor, and plugs. The alternator also made funny noises like the bearings were on their way south, so it got replaced with a 60amp model. I think that the one on it was probably like 30amp, which wil help power the A/C when I get it this summer. If anyone is wondering, the correct point gap for this engine is .025 and the dwell is 37-42. I dont have a dwell meter, so mine is off by a hair, which makes the timing a hair off also. I am planning to replace this with a Pertronix Ignitor which oughta help fix this problem.

Cragar Rims

Originally Published 21 Sept 2007
Got some seriously cool Cragar 8/61 SS Chrome Rims installed today to replace the old steel wheels and hubcaps that were on it. Actually, the hubcaps were rarely on it. They loved to spend their time in a ditch playing hide-and-seek.


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